Harvest Programs

Portland Fruit Tree Project's harvesting events bring people together to pick fruit that would otherwise go to waste, and make it available to people in need. PFTP provides all of the tools needed to harvest the fruit at each event. We also arrange for two or more trained volunteers, called "Harvest Leaders," to lead each event and ensure a safe experience for all.

At almost all of our harvesting events, with the exception of Large Orchard Harvests, Harvest Leaders will teach you how to sort the picked fruit by quality. Participants have the opportunity to take home a share of the fruit or "fruit share" - generally the fruit that needs to be eaten or processed sooner - while PFTP donates the highest quality fruit to local food banks, food pantries and health clinics.

We are proud to provide 3 different harvesting events open to the general public and nonprofit organizations:

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Urban Harvests

These events are open to the general public, and typically last 3 hours. Signups are first-come, first-served, but PFTP does initially reserve 50% of the event slots for people living on low incomes. We usually pick one or more types of fruit from the yards of two different Portland homes within reasonable walking, biking and driving distance from one another. At the end of the event, all participants can take home a share of the fruit. The highest quality fruit is donated thereafter.

Children are welcome at urban harvests, but must be supervised. There is a suggested (optional) donation of $5-$25 per participant at the end of each Urban Harvest.

Group Harvests

Group Harvests are private events that we coordinate in partnership with local nonprofits serving a low-income clientele. They are similar to our Urban Harvests in location and timing, however we provide the partner and its clientele with the option to take all of the fruit home, in addition to or in place of donating a portion to a local food bank, food pantry or health clinic. 

We can provide Group Harvests to organizations serving children, adults, seniors, ESL speakers and individuals with intellectual disabilities, provided that adequate support and/or supervision can be provided by the partner.

In past, we have provided Group Harvests to organizations like Sisters of the Road, Neighborhood House, Bienestar de la Familia, JOIN, ROSE CDC, Hacienda CDC, Central City Concern, The Portland Kitchen, and Neighborhood House.

If your nonprofit is interested in partnering with us on a Group Harvest, please contact Nicole for more information: nicole[at]portlandfruit.org, 503-284-6106.

Large Orchard Harvests

Occasionally, PFTP moves outside Portland city limits to harvest at large orchards in Amity, Hillsboro, Hood River, etc. These events are hosted in partnership with Oregon Food Bank, which provides the necessary bins to transport the hundreds - and more frequently, thousands - of pounds of fruit that can be donated from these events.

Large Orchard Harvests are longer events, typically lasting 5 hours with a brown bag lunch break. Children are welcome provided they can stay for the event duration, but must be supervised.  For more information, or to be considered as an orchard host for these events, please contact April: april[at]portlandfruit.org, 503-284-6106.


All trees are registered by their owners, and harvested only upon request. We work with tree owners to assess fruit ripeness, site accessibility, and harvest scheduling in advance of every event.

harvesting photoUpcoming Harvesting Parties:

Harvesting Parties bring people together to pick fruit that would otherwise go to waste, and make it available to people in need. Half of the fruit goes to a local food bank, and the rest goes home with harvest participants.  Harvesting Parties are open to anyone, and filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Half of the slots are reserved for people living on low incomes. Children are welcome! Suggested donation per participant: $5-$25 (Donations are optional, but encouraged!).

TO SIGN UP: Click on your preferred harvest date. Please sign up only if you can be for there for the entire time. Meeting location and other details will be provided after you sign up.

<<We do not have any harvesting parties at this time. Please check back in June of 2017.>>

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In light of this, we created a new email list (in addition to our monthly e-newsletter) for people who want to receive mid-month announcements and updates about harvesting parties and other events as they arise. This will likely involve 1 to 3 additional email messages per month during the harvest season. If you would like to receive mid-month harvest and event announcements (in addition to the monthly e-newsletter) please send an email to harvest[at]portlandfruit.org with 'Join Announcement List' in the subject line.